About the Department

Department of Zoology was started in 1978, sanctioned on 1st January 1986 where Sri Khageswar Das was the first man working as an honorary lecturer. In1983 he left the department and Miss Lakhi Phukan joined the department. She served for three months only. Sri Amrit Kumar Hazarika joined the department on 7th Sep 1982. Sri Poresh Borah joined the department on 7th Dec 1983. Mr. Lambudar Saikia joined the dept in1984 but left in 1985.Mr.Tikendrajit Gogoi joined in 1985 but left in1988. Dr. Anup Kumar Doley joined in the year 2015. Dr. Pollobi Duara and Dr. Arup Bura Gohain joined in the year 2019. Mr. Birinchi Bhuyan, Mrs. Krishna Bhuyan, Panchamita Kotoky worked on a temporary basis. The department has two Lab bearers Dinakanta Hazarika and Bhogeswar Borah. The major course started in the department from the year 2012-13. It is one of the Student-friendly departments of the college.


Development of human resources and imparting quality education to the students. Promote research and learning at the undergraduate level. Transform society through environmental awareness and conservation of nature and natural resources.



Microscopes, Kymograph, Hot air Oven, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Microtome, Colorimeter, Digital balance, Microprocessor photocolorimeter.

Sri Dina Kanta Hazarika (Laboratory Bearer)
Sri Bhogeswar Borah (Laboratory Bearer)


Dr. Anup Kumar Doley

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 9101188240
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Dr. Pollobi Duara

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 9401905960
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Dr. Arup Bura Gohain

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 7636848162
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