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A Pedagogic Paradise

Established on September 17, 1962 with a sacred mission of illuminating the river-island with the beacon of education, Majuli College is the premier institution of higher education situated at Kamalabari in Majuli, the only island district of Assam. What necessitated the college to be founded at Kamalabari was the geographical isolation and educational backwardness of the most populous river-island of the world…

College Facilities

Digital Classroom

Majuli College has six digital classrooms for making the teaching-learning process more attractive and fruitful. Teachers use ICT...


The college currently possesses a two-storey Girls’ Hostel which can accommodate a maximum...


Library is the vital system of Higher Education for contributing of knowledge, skill and ideas to build up the future career of the end-user...

Career Guidance


The Majuli college has already started a career guidance cell since few years back. The centre functions with the primary objective of preparing students for the competitive examinations. Higher Education, employable and these focusing on getting them placed in…

Course Outcomes


Course Outcome: 1. History of Early and Medieval Assamese Literature. 2. History of Modern Assamese Literature. 3. General Linguistics and History of Linguistics. 4. Study of Assamese Poetry. 5. Study of Assamese Prose. 6. Study of Assamese lan…

Vision & Mission


The Vision of the College: The vision of the college is to develop it into a centre of excellence at par with the best of the state and country by constantly promoting and stimulating intellectual and professional leadership among its stakeholders a…

‘We’re not just prepared for the big thing here, we’re creating it.’

- Faculty member -