About the Department

About the Department

The department of History was started at the time of inception of the College in 1962. From the time of the establishment of the department, a good number of students have been able to get desired results. The aim of the department is to prepare the youth to remain resolutely fixed to their goal and the ever-changing values and perspectives of life so as to enable them to identify themselves as conscious, integrated, and wholesome human beings capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities of life in the noblest and most disciplined way.
Atul Ch. Goswami was the first principal of the college who was also the Head of the Department of History till 1975. He handed over the charge of the Head of the department History to Sri Jagat Jyoti Sarkar who was appointed as a lecturer in 1963. Nurul Haque was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of History in 1969. But he left this college in 1978 as he had got an appointment in Assam Civil Service. Sri Sarbeswar Hazarika was appointed as a lecturer in 1972. He is an alumnus of the history department of Majuli College and became Principal-in-charge of the college also. Mrs. Arati Borah was appointed in 1978. She is also an alumnus of the Department of History, Majuli College. Golap Ch. Nath too was an alumnus of the Department of History of this college who was appointed as a lecturer in the department in 1986. Now there are four full-time teachers in the department. The department has produced innumerable graduates both Honours and General course over the years. Many students of the Department are getting placements in various sectors, especially as accomplished teachers in various schools, colleges, and universities in different parts of India.


  • To impart quality education to students.
  • To create interest in history-related subjects in higher education to make them more competent and competitive.
  • To make the students creative and research-oriented.
  • To raise the standard of our students to global levels and make them employable.
  •  To provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talents and creativity.


  • To provide education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living.
  • To encourage self-evaluation, personality development & guide the students to strive towards perfection and competence.
  • We dedicate ourselves to continuous development in a technologically update & intellectually inspiring environment for learning, research, creativity innovation & professional activity and inculcate in them ethical and moral values.
  • Department of History provides excellent teaching and learning environment with its focus on continuing education.

Intake capacity (Major): 50


Gitarani Goswami

Designation: Associate Professor
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Debojyoti Khataniar

Designation: Assistant Professor
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Naba Das

Designation: Assistant Professor
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Anannya Boruah

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 9954503001
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