About the Department
The Department of Physics was established in the year 1978 on account of the hard work and tough efforts of some high intellects of the world’s largest inhabited river island. There was no institution of higher education in Majuli up to 1962 and hence it got the name Majuli College. The science stream was introduced in 1978 in the college with the subjects physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Physics was implemented in 1983 at the undergraduate level and was brought under the deficit system (grant-in-aid) on 01/02/1986. To keep pace with the advancement in science and technology, the department started offering major courses in the year 2012.

To contribute to developing a value-based academic environment that will help in forming a peaceful and harmonious society.

Intake capacity (Major): 60


Sri Anil Ch. Hazarika

Designation: Associate Professor
Phone No: 9101014956

Bipul Rajkhowa

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 7002435255
Email: bipulrajkhow6@gmail.com

Tulshi Rajkhowa

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 943529265
Email: : tulshirajkhowa134@gmail.com

Anamika Adhikari

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 8876507174
Email: ana.adhikari92@gmail.com View Profile