About the Department

Assamese Department of Majuli College was established in 1962. The department was started as Assamese MIL, Assamese Second Language and Elective Assamese. Assamese major subject has been introduced in 1978. From the beginning, Assamese department of Majuli College is one of the major departments with the prime objective to promote quality education in literary activities.

The Assamese department currently has 5 teaching staff (including 4 permanent And 1 Temporary faculty ). There is a departmental library with a moderate number of books and periodicals at the easy reach of the students and teachers. Assamese Department publish a wall Magazine in every 6 months. Assamese Department has a Literary Organization (Asomiya Bibhagiya Sahitya Chora) for developing high mental ability and literary skill.


The vision of the Department of Assamese is for the development and preservation of Assamese language, literature and culture. Through its courses on literature, language and culture, the department seeks to contribute to the world’s literary and cultural traditions and provide quality education to every students.

Future plan are mention bellow:

  • Planning to establish a Cultural Museum meant for preserving the Cultural tradition of Assamese Society.
  • To open A Study centre of performing Arts like Satriya dance, Drama and Music
  • Organizing National and state level Seminars and workshop
  • To publish a scholarly journal.

Intake capacity: 55

Major Equipment and Facilities:

  • A departmental library with a moderate number of books and periodicals
  • A Literary Organization ( Asomiya Bibhagiya Sahitya Chora )


Abani Kumar Dutta

Designation: Associate Professor
Phone No: 9435203195 / 7637924134
Email: abanikrdutta@gmail.com

Amriteswar Chutia

Designation: Associate Professor
Phone No: 9435670173
Email: chutiaamriteswar@gmail.com

Mayasree Deka Hazarika

Designation: Associate Professor
Phone No: 9678866519
Email: mayashreedeka799@gmail.com

Dulal Hazarika

Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone No: 9435738676
Email: hazarika.dulal@gmail.com View Profile

Kartik Nath

Designation: Guest Faculty
Phone No: +917086748405
Email: knath5160@gmail.com